Meet the TEN AND ONE AWARD judges: Mark Oblow

Mark Oblow is an artist based in Costa Mesa, California. Aside from photography, he is interested in art, skateboarding, surfing, riding motorcycles and traveling.

Mark Oblow

What does photography mean to you?

It’s my way of capturing a moment and immortalizing it forever. It is art. It is power.

How did you get started in photography?

I was skateboarding nonstop and surrounded by my heroes and just wanted to capture all the rad stuff that was going around me.

While taste is subjective – in your opinion, what makes a good photo?

Anything that causes a reaction or a feeling.

What is your fondest photographic memory?

I have so many! One that stood out was when I shot David Beckham in London. I was walking around the city thinking they flew my assistant and I all the way to London to shoot with David. A surreal moment that said, “You made it buddy” felt good.

With so many cameras and other image-making devices available today, more and more people are getting into photography – it can be a little difficult to make one’s work stand out. What advice would you give someone who seriously wants to pursue and succeed in this craft?

If you want to pursue a career in photography do it for the love not the money. Work at it nonstop and try to get creative. Open up and let go.

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