Modern Rococo: Portraits by Jordan Tiberio


Portraiture — a favorite among artists and photographers. Most of the traditional and classical rules are still being followed, and it takes a certain level of creativity to be distinct.

But here, portraitist Jordan Tiberio re-imagines old, playful aesthetics and imbues them into her photography.

For Jordan, the classical arts remain to have an influencing presence in her life, having grown up with painting and drawing during her salad days, eventually leaning to photography since she reached adolescence.

Beauty and empathy mesh together in her oeuvre. Soft, effeminate and romantic -- Jordan's photographs have some Pictorialist qualities in them, with oil paint-like palettes, ethereal environments stylized subtly in a modern fashion. She also draws inspiration from vintage aesthetics and flowers.

Jordan's works are highly influenced by Rococo art and the pre-Raphaelite movement; her photographs (as seen in Jordan's portrait of a woman on a swing) recalls to classical paintings such as "The Swing" by Jean-Honoré Fragonard. A certain feeling of timelessness can be felt, as her visually intuitive portraits transcend to the subconscious.

Watch out for our exclusive interview with Jordan soon. In the mean time, visit her website, Instagram and Tumblr for more of her works. Images used are with permission from Jordan Tiberio.

written by Ciel Hernandez on 2016-12-04 #people #portrait #romantic #portraiture #rococo #art-photography #portrait-photography #jordan-tiberio

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