Monday Moodboard: Streaks of Sunlight

It’s that time of the week again when waking up and taking a bath is a chore. Monday, the often detested day, just can’t seem to get any better… unless you try to.

In this week’s Monday Moodboard, the sun greets you to have a good, splendid day as it casts out its light to warm up your coming winter days and demanding daily tasks. A little ray of optimism for the worst day of the week probably won’t hurt.

Credits: mloscik, mpflawer, annelie, sandkorn, gotoarizona, xabimetal_13, bloomchen, bravebird, jillpossible, ohlordy, retro-girl, roman_sekatsky, fotobes & olga_primavera

2016-11-28 #culture #inspiration #sun #sunlight #optimism #monday-moodboard

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