Hadley Hudson's Portraits of Fashion Models Behind the Scenes

Often the audience is presented with a myth of fame, glamour and perfection when fashion models strut across the catwalk and back. In their fancy leather shoes and expensive clothing there is a fantasy being romanticized and created. But once they walk back inside the curtain, reality sinks in.

In Hadley Hudson’s new book Persona: Models at Home, a photographic collection of their gritty and not-so glamorous reality. Models in their homes are seen in their most intimate, vulnerable and insecure in contrast to their smooth facades which they often show on television and fashion magazines.

Skeletons in their closets are seen: potato chips, video games, alcohol, heaps of cardboard boxes and such represent their imperfectness. If anything, Hudson had successfully caught them with their guards down.

Scott, 2009 | Queens, New York City © Hadley Hudson
Adrien at his mother’s, 2008 | Paris © Hadley Hudson; Model apartment, 2012 | New York City © Hadley Hudson; Jacob, 2012 | Hotel in Paris © Hadley Hudson
Priscilla after the break in, 2008 | Paris © Hadley Hudson; Charlie at his parents’, 2009 | Brooklyn, New York City
Giedre, 2012 | Wall Street, New York City © Hadley Hudson; Conor, model apartment, 2012 | Bushwick, New York City © Hadley Hudson

Materials used for this book review is from the press kit. Buy the book here.

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