Cistern of Mazagan, Morocco


Cistern of Mazagan, located in El Jadida is one of the interesting places to visit inside the fortification built in the 16th century.

Mazagan (in Portuguese: Mazagão) has been the name of Portuguese fortification/city, located in Morocco. Nowadays it’s a part of the city of El Jadida, 90-km southwest of Casablanca, so it can be easily reached from there. The fortified colony was built on the Atlantic coast in the early 16th century.

The cistern has been finished in 1547 and it was built according to the Manueline style. It is located in the interior of the fortification and it is one of the most important buildings in Mazagan, It was built behind the main building of the Portuguese city, similar to a castle. It was a really important space, where drinkable water could be stored, a important aspect when you have to keep the fortification closed due to enemy attacks.
The most touristic place in the city, is a nice place to visit and to take some photos, even if can be an hard task due to the lack o light in the inside, thing that gives a special environment to that space.

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    Beautiful place and nice pictures.

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