Petzval 85 Amigo: Misha Assis


The Brazilian Artist Misha Assis is an expert when it comes to the Petzval 85 Art Lens. A visit to his LomoHome will show what we mean. Here he tells us a little about himself and about his love for the Petzval 85 Art Lens.

Hey Misha! You’ve been part of the Lomography community for a while now. But apparently what you love the most is our Petzval 85. Why is that?

Yes, it’s true. I keep up a lot with the publications on the Lomographic community and intensely take part in it. The Petzval 85 is one of my favourite lenses and it has an artistic soul. It was this lens that made me see in a peculiar and special way, with an atmosphere from the past transcending in today’s time.

How did you first get involved with photography? Apart from photography, is there any other kind of art that you use to express yourself?

I used to write poetry and make surrealistic drawings. But I felt a big urge to expand my feelings, and so I began to capture the daily life on the streets as an amateur. I didn’t know that by making street photography, I would get my work published in magazines: in Spain (Mambo Magazine) and Portugal (Fendamel), so this encouraged me to deepen myself in portraits and so I were being driven to make this my craft until I became a professional.

In your opinion, what makes the perfect portrait?

The perfect portrait doesn’t require perfection to extract what’s most beautiful about the human being. Using the simplicity of the look and redeeming the depth of its core. And for this to happen, you have to be involved in a certain way with the one being portrayed, know their origin, their stories… the perfect portrait is the denial of the ego.

Which photographers do you admire and what inspires you generally?

The artist Rafael Souza (Rafa Kao) was who inspired me to get my own Petzval 85 and to dream of the possibility to have a more artistic work. The artist Jonas Hafner, Alessio Albi, , Irina Dzhul, Annie Mitova, Irina Mattioli, Alexandra Bochkareva, Katerina Plotnikova, Emily Soto, and Anka Zhuravleva bring continuity to the artistic essence in our veins.

I’d like to thank the entire Lomographic community and especially my partner Ana Maria and my son Arthur for believing in me when a lot of times I thought about giving up.

If you liked Misha's work, make sure to visit his Facebook, Instagram and of course, his LomoHome

written by michellymatias on 2016-11-25 #people #art-lens #petzval #new-petzval-85-art-lens

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