Cole Kor on Wedding Photography with the Petzval 85 Art Lens


Award-winning Singaporean wedding photographer Cole Kor is renowned for his surreal photos and seamless execution of conceptual photos. Admitting that to stand out in the wedding photography industry one must offer something new to the table, Cole utilizes his creativity by capturing moments in unusual angles. On top of this, he believes that the vibrancy of colors captured pays a great part in making the image.

Alongside the Petzval 85, Cole tells wedding stories in swirly bokeh.

© Cole Kor

Please introduce yourself to the Lomography community and the readers of the Online Magazine.

I’m a Singapore based wedding photographer, specializing in pre-wedding & wedding day photography. I love creative concepts; I’m tired of the ordinary & I always wish to do something different & challenging.

© Cole Kor

How did you get started with photography?

A friend of mine was looking for a photography business partner and I was invited to join. Before that, I was a graphic designer who loved drawing comics and staying in my own comfort zone for a very long period. Finally, I have a chance to step out.

How would you describe your style as a photographer?

No specific style, but definitely something creative, aesthetic, and fun.

What subjects do you particularly like to take photos of?

Line & pattern for Pre-Wedding photography, for example:

© Cole Kor’s Previous Work

Behind-the-scenes of a wedding day, for example:

© Cole Kor’s Previous Work

What would you count as your greatest achievements or favorite projects?

Able to keep passionate in this industry until now — active for 13 years and counting.

Digital or analogue? Does it matter which?

It doesn’t matter, just go with the one that suits you more.

© Cole Kor
© Cole Kor

Can you tell us a little more about your Petzval experience? Any interesting things you encountered or challenges?

My first shooting experience with this lens was overseas, due to always relying on autofocus, 50% of my shots were blurry! After some practice, I gained enough confidence to try the Petzval 85 on a real wedding assignment. I’m very pleased & satisfied once I achieved the shots in a very fast rhythm of wedding events.

Please choose 5 of your favorite photos from the Petzval 85 shoot and tell us about the images, and why they’re your favorites.

© Cole Kor

Once you get used to it, you will know which condition is good for using this lens.

The wedding couple is actually standing inside a cave with their back against the waterfall with the strong late afternoon sunlight, which provided me the ability for fast shutter speed to capture water drops.

© Cole Kor

My very first experience with using the Petzval 85 in night time & challenging conditions in focusing.

© Cole Kor

Wedding details with another possibility.

© Cole Kor

Capturing moments in a fast rhythm of wedding events.

What is your favorite feature or what do you like most about the Petzval Lens?

Dreamy swirly bokeh for sure!

For what kind of projects would you recommend the Petzval 85?

Portraiture & wedding.

© Cole Kor

Any tips for first-time shooters?

Keep trying, keep shooting.

Any advice on how to fully utilize the Petzval 85?

Try not shooting the main subject from afar, make it at least within 1 meter to get better effects.

Do you have ongoing or upcoming projects that you would like to tell the community about?

2018 World Tour pre-wedding & wedding photography are open for inquiries.

© Cole Kor

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