Rita Cordeiro: Life (and Photography) as a Kind of Magic

The art of design intertwined with social networks and textile articles, we mix it all up, include photography and there it is — magic happens. At least that is what Rita Cordeiro ends up giving us: beautiful images through her Instagram, either in a personal approach or for some specific brand. It was with a Lomo’Instant Wide that she accepted this challenge.

Hi Rita, Can you introduce yourself?

I am a Visual Communication Designer, Social Media Editor and textile creator. Of course, all these things blend together when I photograph. I often say it’s a kind of magic.

How did this passion for photography arise?

I started shooting at the age 15 for fun but the thing became serious quickly. At the time I began to develop the negatives with my uncle, a great enthusiast and photography expert (and keeper of an enviable collection of old cameras) and to print the photos in the mini-lab he had at home. My passion for photography settled and grew in such a way that I ended, with the precious collaboration of my parents, to have my own developing studio, improvised in a disabled kitchen. I have all my teenager and early adulthood on film.

Did you start shooting in analog or digital?

In analog, of course! At the time, digital was still a very distant reality. And I started out great (in terms of weight and camera quality) with my father’s Canon and its glorious 1.2mm 35mm lens. The camera was really heavy, but I walked with it everywhere. I still have it, of course!

You have more than 77,000 followers on instagram. How do you see the image relationship in social networks?

I love the fact that photography has been democratized and now within reach of anyone. I think it made the world more observant and attentive and smaller, also, in the sense of proximity and identity we have with people living on the other side of the world and with whom we interact at the speed of a click.

Tell us about your experience with Lomo’Instant Wide.

I’ve always loved instant photography and Lomo’Instant Wide surprised me by the versatility and quality of the lens. I found it dangerously addictive also. :)

Did you create a narrative? Or does each image speak for itself?

Each image speaks for itself. I’m terrible at making plans. I love the unexpected and the surprise of the moment. I think I’m the perfect customer for Lomo’Instant Wide: I love the adrenaline of waiting for the photo’s development, it takes me back to the emotion of the moment the image appears on paper when we’re in the lab. No digital photography can compare!

Are you curious to know more about Rita’s work? Visit her blog or follow her on Instagram. All photographs are by Rita Cordeiro and were used with her permission.

written by breaking_the_skys on 2016-11-25 #culture #people #lomo-instant-wide #rita-cordeiro

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