How to Use Lomography XPro Slide 200 (120) for the Winter


Winter is around the corner and that means sunlight is about to overcast neutral, tones. No worries though, you can still keep shooting in high quality color with strong contrasts with the Lomography XPro Slide 200 (120).

This 120 film is superb for cross-processing. Even in 200 ISO, the right flavors and palettes for non-gray shades are right in this canister. Here are some winter-taken samples from the Lomography community.

Frosted fauna & foliage

Credits: trashpilotin, webo29 & pam-stach

Frozen stills

Credits: lichtschilder & narlona

Panoramic Alpine landscapes

Credits: kleinerkaries

Fragmented patterns

Credits: frauspatzi, pearlgirl77 & oleman

Advantageous warm white

Credits: mrskaizer, scorpie & krkrkr123

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