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The Beautiful Game Hits LGS London


Shot at the Lomography Gallery Store London for your chance to win a fisheye and circle cutter! Keep it round for the World Cup!

World Cup Sweepstakes: Who is your top pick?

In true footie fashion, we at LGS London are here to celebrate the wonderful world of football!

Every time you come for a purchase*, you get a chance to pick a flag from our bowl. Thats 160 ballots featuring 32 counties with 5 flags per country. If the country that you’ve picked wins the cup, you get a Fisheye Camera with a matching circle fisheye cutter! Thats 5 chances to win!

*not including film processing

Join us!

written by adamscott on 2010-06-16 #news #uk


  1. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    viva espanya!

  2. joejag
    joejag ·

    go germany!!!!!!

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