10 Memorable Articles by Community Members in 2016


2016 had been a roller-coaster ride of chasing adventures, pursuing passion, and making positive changes for the members of the Lomography community. Look back on the most noteworthy travelogues, gear reviews, and opinion pieces from this year’s archive penned by your fellow lomographers.

The World According to Herr Willie: The Metro of Pyongyang – Rails of the Cold War by wil6ka

Credits: wil6ka

“One of the proud achievements of North Korea is the Metro system in the capital of Pyongyang. The stations are beautiful and the fast track is a huge help for the commuting workers. It might be one of the most unusual MRTs of the world and you probably never would have guessed where the trains are coming from! It is an awkward tale about the twists and turns of the cold war.”

Cafetín de Buenos Aires: The Vanishing Old Cafés in the City of Buenos Aires (Part 3) by lorrainehealy

Café de García, Devoto neighborhood. Canon A-1. Credits: lorrainehealy

“The impoverished government of the city of Buenos Aires has been trying to preserve these places. This means I have quite a few more to go back to, places penciled into my notebook to rush to as soon as I’m in Buenos Aires again. Borges, a man of the Café Richmond on Florida himself, said that he thought of the city as eternal like water or air. These old haunts where porteños stubbornly meet to read the paper or shoot the breeze may well prove to be as eternal as water, air, or Buenos Aires itself.”

Vintage Camera Reviews: Kodak Flash 620 by kangiha

The Kodak Brownie Flash Six-20 released in 1946 originally sold for $5.90. Credits: kangiha

“The vignetting on this camera is beautiful. With the right film and favorable lighting, you can get some great results.”

Around the World in Analogue: Connemara, Ireland by furn7973


“Connemara is a magical place in County Galway, Ireland, that faces the Atlantic Ocean to the west and is flanked by mountains to the east. This geography can make the weather seemingly change from one minute to the next, which contributes to the magic and unpredictability of the area.”

How to Make Lumen Prints by lomodesbro


“The appeal of lumen prints rests in the way they capture nature’s fleeting beauty—-its vulnerability, strength, form, color and physicality. So if your experience with botany is limited to a gin and tonic, then why not try making a lumen print?”

36 Frames Later: Connecting the World through a Roll of Film, an interview with meitads

Credits: rianieve.

“I think more than anything it gives us a sense of community. I love that even when film photographers use the same medium they can create results that are different from each other! It’s such an inspiring and exciting circle to be in.”

Cameras in Depth: Handling a Pocket Camera by sirio174

Credits: -walsh-

“The legendary Minox cameras series, together with the Russian copy Kiev 35A can be considered the smallest and lightest cameras ever designed. They are very convenient to stay in a pocket, thanks to their collapsible lens, protected by an hinged door that allows you to have a total protection from the risk of shock or lens scratches.”

Andrejrusskovskij's Travel Log Thailand: Mango Sticky Rice by andrejrusskovskij

Credits: andrejrusskovskij

“Thailand has been on our (and probably on everybody’s) bucket list for years. I guess what makes this country such a desirable destination is a cocktail of juicy ingredients: delicious and cheap street food, Indiana Jones’s-like ancient ruins, picture perfect heavenly beaches, opulent temples and royal palaces, laid back hippie atmosphere… Who can resist?”

Traveling the World as a Woman by kamilakstanley


“For María José and Marina, we must continue to tell their story. We must continue to roam free, stray off the beaten path, sleep under foreign stars and chase the cold morning light over a hill. We, as women, must continue to travel far and wide, dance barefoot in the Earth and let the wind play with our salty hair. (…)This is a tribute to two girls, and the femininity in the wild landscapes where they will forever wander.”

Lomographer and Multiple Exposure Expert Hodaka Yamamoto on Creativity, an interview with hodachrome

Credits: hodachrome

“I was always asking myself, ‘How can I express the beauty of my country by using these cameras or films?’ And my style has finally been established through the repetition of ideas and practice. That kind of effort led to my evolution as a Lomographer.”

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    furn's infra red article was my fave & wish lomography will make color infrared film soon

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