Snapshot Diaries: Film Photography by Andi Elloway

Andi Elloway is a photographer based in New York and Los Angeles. She alternates between the two cities to shoot photographs for various brands. A quick look at her bio and you’ll easily find out her distinct style and why companies get her for their campaigns. Her photos are clean, crisp, glamorous, polished – she makes fashion and editorial photography look effortless.

© Andi Elloway

But for her personal work, Andi makes use of the humble snapshot to create visual memories. Each frame is intriguing as it is intimate. It is raw, honest, and truthful. No edits, no pretence, just fleeting moments that let viewers take a peek into her life. Andi’s photographs show the more personal side of photography – a side that usually hidden beneath layers of filters nowadays.

© Andi Elloway

You can see more of Andi’s work on her website and blog.

All photographs in this article were used with the artist’s permission.

written by cheeo on 2016-11-18 #people

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