"The Camera Collector": an Italian Short Film on Passion & Photography


There is a dramatic story behind an anonymous Italian photographer's huge, peculiar collection of cameras and how he acquired them. With a father disliking his early interest and penchant to collect cameras since the 1960's, he was beaten after he found out he bought another Leica -- and that very moment was what motivated the Italian photographer to make a living out of photography.

He does not only collect cameras. He collects photography books, vintage magazines and manuals. Now, he has curated photography history.

Preview image was taken from the video.

2016-11-15 #videos #camera-collection #analogue-photography #short-story #short-film #analogue-cameras #the-camera-collector


  1. luca74ud
    luca74ud ·

    Che meraviglia!

  2. scott_be
    scott_be ·

    Great documentaire, I love it! I had to change the subtitle settings from automatic to English to have subtitles, at least on my tablet (perhaps this is helpful for other watchers). One remark about the introduction written here though. This docu is not about Casanova's collection, as the intro suggests, he's the film maker. The collector wished to remain anonymous, as explained in the end titles. Maybe the intro could be corrected to reflect this? Great docu, I truly enjoyed it! Thank you for sharing. Scott

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