Scenes from a Winter Wonderland

So much photo-opportunity awaits during the winter. The chilling air, white light and pure, clean snowy slates instantly turn the world into an unrecognizable yet fantasy-filled landscapes and scenery. People wear more than they usually do, inanimate things are dusted with flakes, and new friends made out of snow pop up out of nowhere.

With these photographs taken by the Lomography community, the world in winter is indeed a seemingly magical place.

Sheets of Snow

Credits: artichekt, 129, dreamseller, oleman, bloomchen & bravebird

Frosted Still Life

Credits: betterthanelvis, yago56, radoslav, vikkki & oleman


Credits: kleeblatt, olga_primavera, triky76, bloomchen, neja & thomas_anthony__

Cold Play

Credits: mateja, joyceyjoyce, lisi, alangoodenough, jbrown363 & lomoculture

Winter Wear

Credits: dannyedwards, fafascinado, andrejrusskovskij, gotoarizona & mandi

2016-11-25 #culture #places #portraiture #winter-holidays #landscape-photography #travel-photography #creative-photography #winter-holidays-2016 #lomoholidays #lomoholidays2016 #2016recap

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