The Fine Art Photography of Nicola Perscheid


Although an economic failure, during the career of photography pioneer Nicola Perscheid he has earned several important prizes and reverence from the art world, bringing what was then a newer, painterly side to photography.

His photography focused on portraiture, and they are often in soft focus. He developed the Perscheid lens with a wide dept of field, and was meant for large format cameras.

Take a look at some of Perscheid's works through this vintage gallery.

Defining images of a gentleman

Ehrenfried Günther Freiherr von Hünefeld; Professor Julius Rodenberg; Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen - Physiker; Dr. Ludwig Wüllner - Vortragskünstler; König Albert von Sachsen; Der Maler Hans Thoma by Nicola Perscheid

Women in soft focus

Damenbildnis - am Fell sitzend; Susanne Tiemann, geb. Wildhagen; Fräulein Sakur; Dame mit Linde; Fräulein Splett; Russin; Dame mit japanischem Schirm by Nicola Perscheid

Picturesque scenery

Im Dorfe; Venedig - Canale Grande; Venedig - Colleoni-Denkmal; Landschaft by Nicola Perscheid

Portraiture of youth

Knabe mit Geige (Lothar Perscheid); Kinderbildnis; Kinderporträt by Nicola Perscheid

Images used are from the public domain archive of the MKG Collection.

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  1. hervinsyah
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    even the toddler look like rlder woman at that era

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