The International Magazine Vol. 2: Your All Things Analogue Source!


The Lomographic Society International has been gearing up for the past weeks promising innovations and new ways to make sure your analogue passion and analogue life are being experienced to the fullest!

Now the International Magazine would like to show you how it intends to guarantee you an analogue friendly future with two new sections and many more opportunities to get even more Piggy Point rewards!

Analogue Lifestyle: It’s how we roll

The new Lifestyle Section is for community members and analogue enthusiasts alike to share and learn about what others are doing in the analogue world. We are looking for inspiring entries from every corner of the globe! From short essays, real life stories, special interest pieces, projects as well as critiques and discussions; we examine analogue photography and the analogue approach to life.

See the most recent entries:

Anonymous Snapshots from the Half Frame Camera by Mark Sullo - Essay
Historic Photography Questions & Apollo XI Crew by ringo (aka Peter) - Special Interest
Diversity In the Analogue World - Personal Story

The New News Section: Keeping you in the loop

The News Section is your new hub of the Magazine for current information and coverage of all things Lomography and analogue photography. It informs you first about the newest analogue products, projects from community members and other active photographers. The new thing about News is that now you can find special feature pieces here too!

See the most recent entries:

The Mijonju Show - News Buzz
Tate Modern Voyeurism Exhibition Photography - Current Event
Psychedelic Kodak Brownie - New in Analogue

Contribute to the Movement: Comment, share & recommend

We hope you like what you see and are excited for more to come! Please, let us know your thoughts and recommendations in the comments section of this News post. As well, we are excited to see what undiscovered treasures the Lomography Community has. Please continue to submit your work and see the new Requested Posts page. Every month this page will be updated with fresh ideas and interesting topics the Magazine is looking for. When you submit a piece that is published and fits to one of the requested topics you will earn a bonus of 10 Piggy Points!

News Section Submission Guidelines
Lifestyle Section Submission Guidelines

The Future Is Analogue! Got Film?

Analogue is thriving right now! We’ve just launched the extremely cool Spinner 360°and added affordable Lomography Color Negative 100 and 400 to our expanding line of quality "Lomography 120: film, at an unbeatable price! Stay tuned to the Magazine because there is so much more to come!

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  • Shop News

    Introducing the Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art Lens Now Available on Kickstarter!

    Introducing the Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art Lens Now Available on Kickstarter!

    We're thrilled to present our new Kickstarter project—the New Lomography Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art Lens! Inspired by the bold brass design of the world's first photographic optic, the Daguerreotype Achromat Art Lens is a versatile tool seeking the great return of dreamy imagery.

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  • Shop News

    LomoLab Europe has moved!

    LomoLab Europe has moved!

    The LomoLab EU has moved and is now open for business! Analogue lovers from Austria, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxenbourg, and the rest of Europe can send their films to: Lomographische AG LomoLAB Kaiserstrasse 34/12 1070 WIen Austria However, if you're based in Germany - and you don't mind a longer waiting time, you can still send your rolls for processing to: Lifesmyle Store Berlin - LomoLAB Friedrichstraße 133 10117 Berlin Germany

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    December 16th Advent Offer: Stock Up On Film With Our Festive 3 For 2 Deal! (Online Code: THREE4TWO)

    What better way to spread holiday cheer than by capturing it with your trusty camera? We're making it a little bit easier today, because today you can load up on all your favorite Lomography films for less! So stock up and get ready to snap the winter away!

  • Shop News

    New Item: iBlazr 2

    New Item: iBlazr 2

    Light up all your shots with this light-weight, versatile and wireless LED flash! Works best with any iOS and android platforms.

  • Lomography X FOTO HITS Medium Format Rumble

    written by Lomography on 2015-11-26 #news
    Lomography X FOTO HITS Medium Format Rumble

    With an expanded field of view and its ability to produce high quality images and capture minute detail, medium format photography has become the top choice of many photographers. Lomography is working hard to make sure that it keeps going with the continued production of medium format film and cameras. The current issue of German magazine FOTO HITS focuses on medium format photography. And with this rumble, we want to prove why medium format photography is king. Take your Diana F+, Holga 120, Lubitel 166+ or the new Lomo LC-A 120 and show us your best square shots!

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