Famous Filmmakers' Favorites: Focal Lengths


In cinema, the lens is responsible for the visual narrative of a film. Each lens that vary in focal lengths have different aesthetics, feeling and mood to them.

Wide focal length lens in 18mm and 25mm are mostly used for wide angles with deep focus and clever blocking and staging, preferred by filmmakers Orson Welles, Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Roman Polanski; lens 21mm are majorly used by Stephen Spielberg, Tim Burton and Martin Scorsese; the 27mm lens is a favorite among famous contemporary filmmakers such as Wes Anderson, The Coen Brothers and David Fincher. Akira Kurosawa's focal length preference ranges from 35mm to 50mm.

Filmmakers Alfred Hitchcock, Robert Bresson and Yasujiro Ozu preferred the 50mm lens, giving a more natural field of view with their framing. Meanwhile, Ridley Scott prefers the long lens of 75mm.

Learn more about other filmmakers' focal length preferences through this extensive video study.

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