How to Produce Clear & Crisp Exposures with the Konstruktor


It's not a secret that Lomography's Konstruktor is one of the inexpensive yet fantastic cameras due to its incredible combo of f/10 aperture and fixed shutter speed at 1/80, making it the perfect camera for any light conditions.

However, you can take full advantage of the Konstruktor's reliability by doing some of these tips: shooting under broad daylight pops out all the colors in the frame, shadows add illusion to sharpness, variety of colors within the frame stand out individually instead of blending or overshadowing each other, while shooting geometrical shapes define the photo's composition.

See it for yourself with these photographs from the Lomography community.

In broad daylight

Credits: dannykeighobadi, oleman, jeansman, pierrickmorin & dakadev_pui

Shadow and contrast

Credits: mervehepanil, 511997, sunburntghost, jules_fxxk & bnjmn

Assorted palettes

Credits: smolda, bnjmn, longillo, why-yu, opon21 & pearlgirl77

Sharp shapes, lines and edges

Credits: matyukito, popculturemaverick, sobetion, oleman, pan_dre & dakadev_pui

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  1. smolda
    smolda ·

    Thanks for using one my photos @lomographymagazine! 😃 Konstruktor is amazing, I do love to use the camera! 😉

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