Pasig River Ferry Ride with my Lomo

The ferry ride in Pasig River is become a viable alternative to go to either Pasig City or Manila. For those who aren’t in so much hurry, the 45-minute ferry ride is pleasant and relaxing and it’s nearly a grand tour of several of Manila’s architectural landmarks like the Malacañang Palace and the Post Office.

I have taken the ferry ride several times and in all occasions, I brought with me a camera to document the trip. I still remember the first time I did it with a couple of friends from lomomanila. We had a quick lunch at a fastfood chain and at a little past noon we walked to the ferry station, bought our tickets and waited for the ferryboat to arrive.

When we boarded, the conductor knew one of my friends and who immediately told the conductor that we will be taking pictures so most of the time we would standing outside by the deck. He was fine with the idea but warned us it was prohibited to take pictures of the Malacañang Palace (residence of the country’s President) for security reasons. No problem there, there was lot more to shoot. The 45-minute ride from the Guadalupe (Makati City) Station to the Escolta (Manila) Station was pleasant. We stopped in all stations in between Guadalupe and Escolta werein passengers boarded and alighted.

We took pictures of bridges, buildings, factories, barges and ferryboats going the opposite direction. Since most of the structures are relatively old, it was like a nostalgic trip to Old Manila. When we alighted from the Escolta Station, we had a quick snack in a noodle house in Quiapo and took the train back home. It was just the first of many ferry rides I was to take. I have accompanied several friends ever since to take this ride—all them are happy to have experienced it. I’m glad I has able to capture those happy moments on film.

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