Southwestern Xposure: LomoAmigo Brandon Roggeman

Brandon Roggeman showcases a limited series of decks presented by Cowtown Skateboards in the "Skate After School" fundraising event filled with skateboards, videos, live jazz, and prints from featured artists. The event will have 11 photographers selling prints to supplement funds raised from the raffle, as 100% of the proceeds from print sales and raffles will go to the "Skate After School" fundraising. The raffle among other things, features a Lomo'Instant and a Sprocket Rocket.

The pictures above are the very Torrey of the band "Pines of Torrey," a jazz band in Pheonix. Torrey's passion for music -parallel to Brandon's passion for photography made it important for him to include Torey onto a skateboard and the special live video screening, set to a Pines of Torrey live performance. Torey used to work at Cowtown Skateboards and has now become one of the faces for their products. He remains close to the owners and employees of the shop, making the decks even more special, as they honor an important part of the local skate scene.

Brandon plays on Cowtown Skateboard's signature name through a collection of cow themed photos to mark their decks.

Brandon Experiments with the Lomochrome Turquoise with shots near the Apache Lake and the Salt River, and captures a rare glimpse of snow on the Four Peaks Mountain in Arizona.

Brandon experiments with the Lomochrome purple at Black River, Arizona.

A double exposure taken from the sprocket rocket in a creek in Sedona, Arizona.

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written by Katherine Phipps on 2016-12-10 #culture #news #people

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