Obscure Photography with Lomography's Earl Grey 100 (120)

2016-10-30 1

How to set the Halloween mood for your upcoming exposures? Go vintage, go dark, go monochrome. Lomography's Earl Grey 100 (120) is a versatile multi-toned black-and-white film for medium format, with elegant and various shades of grey to fit different grayscale aesthetics.

Achieve some pure black, faded grays or off-whites with the Earl Grey, as seen in these photographs from the Lomography community.

Portraits in disturbia

Credits: earlybird, qrro & fish300

Dark fantasy

Credits: gauthierdumonde, earlybird, aanum & wolkers

Illusion of being haunted

Credits: mireiawonka, stratski, oleman & marcel2cv

Cemetery scenery

Credits: pearlgirl77, why-yu & yochan

written by lomographymagazine on 2016-10-30 #gear #black-and-white #monochrome #romantic #black-and-white-photography #creative-photography #dark-fantasy

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Lomography Earl Grey 100 (120)

Lomography Earl Grey 100 (120)

Give your medium format shots an elegant appeal with the Lomography Earl Grey B&W 100 120 B&W film with wide tonal range!

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  1. aronne
    aronne ·

    Damn, I am very scared!

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