Expressive Portraits Through Body Language

It is common practice in portraiture that the photographer must capture the eyes -- they're the gateway to the soul, as many would say. The eyes, among the other facial parts, are the most expressive parts of the human body. It's easier to see emotions from one's face.

But what about through body language? The posture, the positioning and angling of hands, limbs and such -- when cohesively done, one can read emotions through the body as well. Take these photographs from the Lomography community as examples, and try them for yourself.

Restless happiness

Credits: libellule, kathepalacio, 134340, jackpacker & jeabzz

Fear and confusion

Credits: freelancer, tall_bastard, minililimi & chong

Pent-up sadness

Credits: xantom, elimpacto, alienmeatsack, cool-daddy & shrista

Melancholic and wistful

Credits: libellule, lomovan, masha_njam, blueskyandhardrock & fivedayforecast

Tired bodies

Credits: zera, rocafish, rebecca_jane, manchai & bacilbacil

2016-10-29 #culture #analogue-photography #film-photography #art-photography #creative-photography

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