To Begin With: a series by Anastasia Korosteleva

The first shot out of every roll of film is usually a half-burned frame. Photographer and graphic designer Anastasia Korosteleva turned her collection into a series. The photos were taken by different cameras such as Praktica, Pleomax, Canon EOS-3, and a disposable underwater Kodak camera.

On this series: The series "To begin with" consists of the first shots from several films I took during past years. I did not pay attention to these clicks, as the first image from a film is often partially overexposed. The images were taken instantly when I began new films. However, later I've discovered raw beauty in them.

© Anastasia Korosteleva

On her other interests, aside from photography: Traveling is the main interest and source of inspiration. Changing locations make me think more, analyze and find new ideas for the projects.

© Anastasia Korosteleva

On her influences: For me taking photographs is so natural that I cannot say that there is something particular that influence me. It is just my way of life.

© Anastasia Korosteleva

On her personal definition of photography: Photography is my language. I do not only speak in images, but I think in them. I have different directions of shooting from portrait photography to discovering photography as a medium.

To see more of Anastasia's works, visit her website.

2016-10-23 #people #35mm #film-burn

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