Live the Search! Competition by Rip Curl and Lomography


Imagine the perfect day on the beach: golden sun, clear blue water, exciting waves and your buddies around you. This is what we had in mind when we joined forces and our passion for surfing with our hang loose friends from Rip Curl to literally live the search.

Join Lomography and Rip Curl to literally live the search. Together we worked on three prize-busting competitions and a special edition of the Fisheye 2 to cherish everything that matters when it comes to surfing. The first stage of the competition is about to start!

And the best of all: Your special glance gets handsomely rewarded! Rip Curl throws in four grand prizes and 110 additional goodies that are waiting to be snatched.


  • 2 trips to the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach in April 2011
  • 2 trips to the Rip Curl Pro Peniche in October 2011
  • 110 additional goodies by Lomography and Ripcurl

So, take your analogue camera and catch your friends riding their perfect wave or strolling about on the sandy shores and win one of the super rad prizes sponsored by Lomography and Rip Curl waiting for you on our microsite:


In three challenging rumbles we are asking you to shoot for all one’s worth and to collect all those moments from magic to tragic that occur when you are hanging out with your crew or you are pacing over clear blue water. The first stage is ready for your submissions!

Stage I – Whole Lotta Love!

The first stage of our three-part competition starts now! Profess your love for surfing and the beach through Lomographs! Show us how much you love hanging out with your crew, rolling about on the sandy shores or riding your surfboards along the blue-green waves. Take your camera wherever you go and shoot all the magic moments that capture the joy and love you feel for your crappy old surfboard you would never give away, for a secret beach spot you would never tell anyone of or the super cute surfer chic you always try to steal a smile of. Surfing is love and so is Lomography! Combine both of them and shoot the loveliest photo you’ve ever seen!

To submit your shots, visit:

Fisheye 2 Rip Curl

Fisheye 2 Rip Curl

As a result of this collaboration we designed a brand new clone of the Fisheye 2 together with Rip Curl. Perfectly drenched in summery colours this little fellow was made to shoot loose. Be it your ride on the perfect wave or the cutest summer love, the Fisheye 2 Rip Curl is always ready for action and captures everything within 180°. Dressed in flashy yellow, green, blue and red it wears the perfect beach outfit that draws all eyes on it while taking the most breathtaking photos. But the beach is not where the fun ends! Put in its submarine the Fisheye 2 Rip Curl will join you on your underwater adventures and will take circular Lomographs of a fishy world that has never been seen like this before. For more information visit:

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  1. ak47lomogurl
    ak47lomogurl ·

    im so excited!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ipdegirl
    ipdegirl ·

    YES!! Surfing and Lomography---2 of my very favorite things!!!

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