Caught Off Guard Winners


Street photography is about capturing those candid moments. For this competition, we challenged the community to submit photographs of strangers caught off guard by their camera. Take a look at the different degrees of being surprised.

Grand Prize Winner:

Credits: systemdevice

Here’s what the jury has to say:

All eyes are on her as she confidently struts her way to the beach. Comfortable in her own skin, she walks to systemdevice line of sight who managed to photograph how the man was caught off guard by her powerful strides.


Credits: strangebutrubbish, erhanulusoy, duffman, tesslucia, gweilolife,, kylethefrench, kleeblatt, panelomo, kamickazi, and m_idea

More Photos from the Submission Box:

Credits: gweilolife, erhanulusoy, dupdupdee, jeanbaptiste, nucweacia94fine, strangebutrubbish, avnerwesten, and marder17

See the rest of the submissions here.

Lomographer @systemdevice will get a voucher worth 50 EUR for the Lomography online shop while the runners-up will receive 15 piggies each. All winners qualify for the year-end Ten And One - Annual Lomography Photo Awards under the “Urban Explorers” category.

Ready for your next “Urban Explorers” challenge? Show us what your city looks like after the sun goes down.

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