Colorful Vintage: Tokyo in the 1980's


The Capital of the Rising Sun experienced an economic boom in the 1980’s, with an unemployment rate of 4.9%, a low number compared to the succeeding decade. The anime and manga industries also flourished during this era, as well as in the television industry.

Hence, the collective Japanese entertainment industry became a strong force to be reckoned with, as the coming years would experience.

Relieve a past not too unfamiliar with us, through this humble gallery of Tokyo in the 80’s from the vintage archives.

The urban life

by cp057 1980-08-D63-21 Japan IGU Tokyo Conf restaurant dinner with Tomyko itty bitty helpings by James Joel; Harajuku festival 1985 by Mitch Lorens; Meiji Shrine, Tokyo, Japan, 1987 & Phillip in a suburban street, Tokyo 1987 by Phillip Capper

Familial ties

Tennis with Junkichi Kato and his family by Herry Lawford; Megumi and her mom, Megumi & Her Mother – 1984 by tenaciousme; Fortune Teller by Mitch Lorens

Booming technology

永尾信幸; oei 7500 series tramcar 7505 near Asukayama in Tokyo; JNR 205 and 103 at Uguisudani station; by Suikotei; JR East EF58 61 hauling Orient Express in Japan. Even though the engine hauled the train as the main engine, front sub engine D51 498 played the main role of the day because the day was the first day of the D51 steam engine to be back to the operational condition at Uguisudani; the Yamonote line in Tokyo around 1985 by Mitch Lorens

A slice of life among citizens

一善とし; by Roberto Ciucci; 1980-08-D53-09 Japan IGU Tokyo Conf appliance store Jane by James Joel; A face in the crowd by john levanen; The lime green Yamonote line in Tokyo, Japan around 1985, Japanese school girls waiting for their train on an outing in Tokyo, Japan around 1985, Japanese man giving his chow some water on a warm day in Tokyo around 1985 by Mitch Lorens

Images are retrieved from the public domain, Wikimedia Commons and Flickr Commons.

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