Taking Back Tipsters: Fright Night

Turn off the lights and let the chills crawl up your spine! Take a load of these cool and creepy tipsters and shoot your own haunted photo series.

Your Pinhole Ghost

How does one photograph themselves to be transparent without doing a double exposure you ask? It’s simple! Continue reading and find out how!

Make Your Subjects Transparent: How to Create Ghost Shots (GS)

Have you already seen a mysterious looking photo that features a transparent subject? Well, it’s one of the multiple exposure techniques and is actually simple to do.

Ghosts in My Pictures!

Off-camera lighting and a powerful Lomography flash is the best way to get really spooky, pretty feaky, VERY GHOSTLY images.

How to Make Special Aperture Plates For your Petzval Lens, Halloween Edition

Halloween fever is in full swing. Everything ghostly, scary or freakishly extraordinary are either on display or being spoken of in hushed voices through spine-chilling tales. Apart from wearing the scariest costumes and taking photos of of your petrifying selves, why not amplify the Halloween spirit a notch higher by using Halloween-themed aperture plates with the New Petzval Lens? Here’s a quick tipster that’ll teach you how to make special aperture plates and make the most out of them this Halloween!

Capturing Ghostly Moments At Night

Ever wanted to capture a ghost in you photo but never had? Here’s a tip how, so read on!

Credits: walasiteodito

Spooky Lightning Techniques: Colorsplash of Horror!

Remember when you used to scare others by illuminating your face, from below, with a flash light while you are in the dark? That is essentially what this tipster is all about.

Credits: icuresick

Take a look at a couple of spine-chilling galleries from our community:

Awesome Albums: Haunted Ghost Tunnel

You don’t want to find yourself alone in the dark while flipping through this album.

Credits: hodachrome

Halloween Special: Creepy Portraits

Pause a nightmarish movie and you’re bound to get something like these images. Faces with kohl-smudged eyes and rips of blood—oh, we do not wish to see them materialized by our bedside tables, but we find them exhilarating when they’re not real. The movies are not enough. Take a look here.

Credits: discodrew

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