The Flaming Trees of Cuba

If you travel in Cuba during June you will have the chance to see the country covered by the amazing red flowers of the Flamboyant.

Well, what to say? It is a breathtaking sight! I arrived in La Habana in the middle of June and rented a car to reach Santiago de Cuba, on the other side of the island. While traveling across the country I was astonished with the luxurious red colors of the recently flourished flowers of the Flamboyant trees. They can be seen almost everywhere and are really nice when placed on both sides of the road at the entrance of a village or city. Words can’t describe and probably neither the pictures what it is to see them!

As I found out later, these trees are endemic from Madagascar and are also called Delonix Regia and Royal Poinciana. They provide a good shade and while traveling in the hot Caribbean summer I got under the impression that in Cuba one can feel really blessed by having one at the doorway…

Most of the pictures in my gallery are from Convento de San Francisco in La Habana and the rest was taken along the way.

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