Tabarka: The Diving Water Paradise!


The beautiful town of Tabarka in northern Tunisia is one of the most spectacular diving areas in the Mediterranean sea. Its coral reef just of the coast is still under explored and you feel like Cousteau discovering the paradise for the first time!!

When wondering about Tunisia the first thing that comes up to one’s mind is DESERT. But this location is far from that! In fact is the opposite! It’s about water.

On the north coast of Tunisia, near the Algerian border rests Tabarka, a small fishing town with immense history. It dates from the Phoenician times! But the history of this hidden paradise is easily accessible on the internet. I’m writing about something you cannot find written anywhere else! About the feel, the people and the adventure!

To get there you must have your own car or take the ubiquitous Tunisian Louage available from any town or village (i have already written about them in another LomoLocation). The accommodation is easy to find. I went for a walk and saw an advertisement on a shop. After some bargaining we rented a tinny flat with sea view for less then 7 euros a night (we slept 6 in there!).

The town is very lively, there aren’t many international tourists apart from the diving fans! The sea is present everywhere from the town shops to the restaurants or nautical clubs. Even the Genovese fort located at the entry of Tabarka bay breads of pirates and sea.

There is entertainment for everyone: if history is your thing, they have it! If it is eating good sea food: they have it! If it is the beach: they have it! Or maybe diving? They have it! And diving is what took me to Tabarka! AFter a good meal in one of the port restaurants we went to look for a diving club. There are many options but i recommend the Tabarka Nautical Club. They have several options from the diving baptism for 25 euros all included to the several days diving trips in the coral reef outside of the coast.

I had never dived in my life! And let me tell you! We took the early 7 am boat and went 2 hours into the sea with stops to some snorkeling. The actual deep water diving took place after a briefing of security. You start to dive! the instructor is there with you but you soon forget him! It is incredible! one of the most fantastic views I’ve experienced! You can move in 3 dimensions!! 3 dimensions!! The sun beams coming in, the fish centimeters away, the silence, the blue! We went 18m under and the dive lasted 25 minutes! When returning back to Tabarka you start to see the imposing fort and after the turn you see and hear the port and the city! and to think of the lunch!

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