Zhenyaetoya and his Weapon of Choice: LC-A Family


Russia-based lomographer zhenyaetoya swears by the compact and reliable LC-A family. From the original Soviet LC-A to the LC-Wide , he owns and shoots with all of them. In this interview, he shares the advantage of using each camera and a clever trick to achieve stark silhouettes with the LC-Wide.

zhenyaetoya. Credits: wil6ka

Name: Zhenya
LomoHome: @zhenyaetoya
Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Weapon of Choice: LC-A family

Tell us more about yourself and what you do.

I am 26 years old. I was born and raised in south of Russia, in the city of Ust-Labinsk. Now, I live in St. Petersburg. I love people, music, and taking pictures. All the time I work with people in the field of information technology, sales, and training.

I discovered the world of analog photography in late 2014 with the Lomography Konstruktor camera, adding it to the shopping cart just for fun. Up to that point I don’t have interest in photography at all. Then in April 2015, I met with LomoGurus @grad, @wil6ka, and @gotoarizona during a Lomo-walk in Saint Petersburg.

zhenyaetoya favorite photographs taken with the LC-Wide and LC-A

Why is the LC-A family your Weapon of Choice?

My favorite photography weapons are compact cameras. But on the top of the list is the LOMO Compact series. I have it all: Soviet LC-A, LC-A+, and LC-Wide, except the LC-A 120 but I think it’s just a question of time. They are easy to use, very fast, and reliable cameras with iconic looks.

Photos taken with the LC-Wide.

I love them all. It is difficult to choose a favorite since they complement each other. The Soviet LC-A allows the use of slow film up to ISO 25; the LC-A+ is equipped with a comfortable MX-switch and it allows you to shoot in the dark with ISO 1600 film; and the LC-Wide has all the advantages of the LC-A+ but with an ultra-wide 17mm lens and a half-frame feature.

Any memorable experiences you’ve had while using this camera?

The most memorable experience I got with LC-Wide and Krab in Crimea are here in this album. My friends loved the combination of LC-Wide and Krab for the incredible ease of getting awesome shots.

Credits: zhenyaetoya

Would you recommend your Weapon of Choice to other Lomographers? If yes, to whom do you have in mind?

Yeah! I strongly recommend the LC-A family to those who have not already tried shooting with them.

When using this camera, what are you favorite subjects to photograph and why?

They are all-purpose cameras. I take photographs of everyday notes, travel, street photography, portraits and parties.

Photos taken with the LC-A.

Any tips or tricks with using the LC-A family?

I found a great way to get deep, black silhouettes with the LC-Wide. Just set the sensitivity adjustment wheel two stops more than the sensitivity of the film. For example, you need to your ISO to 200 when you’re shooting with an ISO 50 film. Try it! For me, this trick works on slow slide film with a strong light source. Like this shot:

Credits: zhenyaetoya

What’s your most favorite camera, film, or accessory? If you are proud of your Weapon of Choice, drop a line at lhotd@lomography.com with the subject Weapon of Choice and share your story with the rest of the community!

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