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The Nikon FM2 is already a fan favorite among photographers here in our own tightly-knit community and for good reason. It’s a solid camera with remarkable features. You can just take it on any photo shoot and it’ll be good to go. Load up on good batteries to fire up the light meter, pick a good film to shoot with and you’re all set. That’s the Nikon FM2 for you.

Nikon FM2 Millennium Edition via 55mm.nl, and Pantip

This limited edition camera had all the things people loved about the FM2. It has the top 1/4000th shutter speed, almost purely mechanical movement (remember the battery powered light meter), faster flash sync time of 1/250th, and its ability to perform in temperatures ranging from -40 degree Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius. Feature-wise, the two cameras are identical. The only thing that the Millennium Edition had on the regular FM2 was its special markings, design, packaging.

Millennium Edition FM2s have special matching serial numbers on the top plate and the lens itself. It was a way to distinguish the special edition camera from other FM2 camera kits. It was also called the Dragon FM2 since it was released in commemoration of the Year of the Dragon back in 2000 and had a Chinese-style dragon design near the self timer. It was a representation of fortune and good luck. In light of this, the Dragon FM2 had a limited run of only 2000 units. The limited edition FM2 bodies and lenses were made in Japan while other Nikon pieces were then made in China.

Nikon FM2 Millennium Edition Technical Specifications:

Lens: Nikkor AIS 50mm 1:1.4 lens, Nikon F Bayonet mount
Aperture: f1.4 to f16
ISO: ASA 12-6400
Focus: manual focus, single lens reflex
Focusing range:
Shutter: 1 to 1/4000th second, Bulb, 14 fixed settings in all, vertical-travel, metal focal plane shutter
Self timer: set/cancel type provided; approx. 10-sec. shutter release delay
Size: 142.5 × 90 × 60mm (camera body only)
Weight: 540g (camera body only)
Material: mix of different metals
Flash: hot shoe, flash sync at 1/250th second
Battery: 3v lithium battery (1 unit), 1.55v silver-oxide batterys, 3.1v (2 units), 1.5v alkaline-manganese batteries, 3v (2 units)
Film: 35mm, lever film advance, can be used with automatic film winding (motor drive MD-12 compatible)

Take a look at some photos taken with the Nikon FM2 by our very own community members:

Credits: ccwu, jeabzz, porkchopsandy & dannyedwards

All information used in this article was sourced from Camera Quest, Shashinki, Mir, and Lomography.

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