El Ojo Instantaneo (Instant Eye)

El Ojo Instantaneo (Instant Eye) is a side event to the biennial FotoNoviembre, born in the past edition of 2009, and thanks to the success of social networks, thus perpetuating their life online, on the social network Facebook, and physically, the first Saturday of each month at the TEA.

El Ojo Instantaneo was born as a virtual space, a place to share a “snapshot” vision of the world, and has grown into something else. In concept, and basically, any user can share that photo made at the time, without thinking, like the Lomographic philosophy, with users of the Facebook space, on the premise that quality is not important, but “when”. Therefore, any picture, whether made with a “thousands” camera, or with a cameraphone, or with our precious lomo cams, may enter into El Ojo Instantaneo.

El Ojo Instantaneo has its virtual space on Facebook, but is not relegated only to a series of 1 and 0 … However, every first Saturday of each month, El Ojo jumps to the real world, and in collaboration with the TEA (Tenerife Space of the Arts), is created Instant / Stand, a place where visitors from the TEA, and the users themselves of the Eye, can enjoy a giant-size projection of the photos sent to the wall of the group, plus you can use a place prepared for experimental photography, with a set ready to make the photos you want, for free. And so, something that was created with the idea of being just a side event to one of the most important photographic exhibitions that exist, it has evolved into an identifiable event that brings together fans, loaded with cameras, all first Saturday of each month. See you at El Ojo Instantaneo!


written by sinvertigo on 2010-07-15 #news #event #experimental #instant #photography #exibition

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