Julia Baier's "Northern Drifting": Distorted Landscapes of Iceland

Iceland's mystical and natural landscapes make tem very photogenic. Its own character and sound as scenery are bound for artistic experiments.

Photographer Julia Baier captures Iceland in a rather unique aesthetic: masking her images of what seems like technological errors and glitches, there is a certain experiment with elements of time and space.

See her photographs on the show Julia Baier: Northern Drifting at Galerie Albrecht in Berlin, Oct. 7.

2015-04-30 11.20.15
2015-04-29 16.03.20
2015-05-19 16.08.22; 2015-05-29 11.19.57
2015-05-20 14.25.50; 2015-05-28 20.39.11

The show will run through Nov. 12.

Images are with permission from the gallery.

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