Dirty Glam: Photography by Tyler Shields


Say what you want about Tyler Shields and his photography style but the LA-based photographer knows how to capture memorable images. From the outrageous to the bizarre, Shields has touched almost every spectrum of human reaction.

© Tyler Shields

Shields is a master of the darkly beautiful and sometimes, the erotic. His angles are sharp, framing unconventional, ideas imaginative, and execution clean and concise. Viewers are drawn in by the visually enticing and provoking images. That’s exactly what Shields’s photographs do: they hook you in and drag you to a dark and beautiful dream sequence where the border between absurd and majestic is blurred.

© Tyler Shields

His commercial work can be seen in famous brand campaigns, international magazines, print and online publications all over the world. He is also known for his controversial shots of celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, and Emma Roberts. All photos in this article are excerpts from his gallery work. Shields also released a new book titled Provocateur which is now up on Amazon.

You can see more of the artist’s work on his website. All images in this article were used with the artist’s permission.

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