The Photographic Interviews: Intimate Views of Hasisi Park's Family Life


South Korean photographer Hasisi Park is known for her conceptual portraiture and intimate photographs of everyday subtleties in life. Much from her oeuvre follows effortless symmetry and chaste composition: subdued images yet with powerful stories of daily life is her photographic signature.

Park never puts down her camera even after a long day from work: her family serves as her primary muse and inspiration. Her on-going series "Casual Pieces 3" is an intimate collection of family portraits, a documentary focusing on the real art of family life.

From "Casual Pieces 1" © Hasisi Park

Hi Hasisi, we learned you through your family portrait series. It's a clever and inspiring set of photographs, tackling an understated topic in photography. How do you personally feel about your own work?

From "Casual Pieces 3" © Hasisi Park

Which photograph of yours best represents your photo series?

From "Casual Pieces 3" © Hasisi Park

What does familial love mean for you?

From "Casual Pieces 3" © Hasisi Park

It's inevitable that trouble sometimes comes into the house without even knocking. What would conflict among family members look like?

From "Casual Pieces 3" © Hasisi Park

And when it comes to conflict, someone has to step up and carry the weight of the problem. For you, whom among family members is the strongest?

From "Casual Pieces 3" © Hasisi Park

Moving on to the family members, how would you depict the portrait of a 'father?'

From "Casual Pieces 3" © Hasisi Park

How about for a 'mother'?

From "Casual Pieces 3" © Hasisi Park

We all have a place to call home. What does 'home' look like to you?

From "Casual Pieces 3" © Hasisi Park

If you could depict your fondest memory with your family, how would it look like, among your photographs?

From "Casual Pieces 3" © Hasisi Park

Visit Hasisi's website for more of her works. All images used are with permission from Hasisi Park.

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