Food Photography Tips With Hungry Hipsters

After months of watching their delicious Instagram account, we gave the Lomo’Instant Wide to food bloggers Hungry Hipsters to test. Their delectable shots and food photography tips did not disappoint!

We’re a recently engaged couple (Breann Chiero & Christian Medice)! I (Bre) have worked in the apparel industry as a digital fashion directory for the past 6 years, and recently left the corporate lifestyle to pursue our social media hobby full-time! Christian is a songwriter & producer for the alternative music scene.

We’d like to say we’re brunch enthusiasts, but really we’re closeted Netflix junkies since we love vegging out. And we can’t ever get through a conversation without mentioning our puppy- we’re obsessed with him! Hungry Hipsters was originally created as a restaurant photo log to keep track of all the delicious places we were visiting in NYC. Plus, taking photos & trying to attempt artsy angles was just fun. :]

In the beginning, we honestly didn’t know anything about social media or the purpose of a hashtag. We just enjoyed going out together & creating memories! Documenting it was just merely a hobby. Now, we’ve grown & focused our Instagram to create a brand that we couldn’t be more proud of. The journey has been amazing for our relationship & it couldn’t be any more rewarding seeing what you’ve built bring out engagement in others.

Food Photography Tips

#1: Always look to shoot in natural light! Drag a table next to a window or eat that brunch outside. The best lighting is natural light so you don’t need to mess with weird glares or yellow hues.

#2: Do the once-over before shooting. I like to do a quick scan of the shot prior to actually shooting. Spacing out plates a little more evenly, wiping a crumb from a plate, or even refolding a napkin- It’s all in the details.

#3: Elevate yourself, don’t be shy about it. Of course you should judge the situation, maybe don’t stand on a chair at a Michelin Star restaurant, but do stand up tall & hold that phone high if you want that stellar entire-table shot. Sometimes I’ll even wear crazy platforms just for that extra boost!

#4: Steady your hands when shooting. Seems like a no-brainer, but it’s crucial if you want a clear image. I even notice myself holding my breath! An easy trick is to use both hands in shooting, whether it’s an iPhone or a camera. One hand is clicking, the other is keeping you from getting the shakes.

Lomography’s note: This may be because the exposure is a little longer when shooting with natural light then with a flash.

#5: Food in the air & manicures are a must. I’m not a beauty buff by any means, but we eat with our eyes first. If you’re holding a gorgeous & photographable ice cream cone up against a wall, make sure those hands are insta-worthy too.

Check out Hungry Hipsters on Instagram to see more!

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