Wally Franiel and His Classic Camera Store

2016-09-29 2

Film lives on as more people find themselves going back to film. More upcoming instant films from Fujifilm as well as healthy competition within the film photography-focused industry... the analogue grind continues to strive!

The Classic Camera Store in Edmonton, Canada is a secondhand film camera shop, specializing in professional gears. The shop owner Wally Franiel takes a time off of his grind to share his realizations and views on digital medium and analogue medium.

Preview image was taken from the video

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  1. lorenzo1910
    lorenzo1910 ·

    Are you sure that Wally Franiel's shop is located in London?
    Have a look here https://www.makesomethingedmonton.ca/projects/1453-wallys-c…

  2. shhquiet
    shhquiet ·

    @lorenzo1910 thanks! edited the text :)

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