Lomo Locals: New York City's Street Photographer Collective at Lomography NYC

“This collective is dedicated to exploring street photography. Meetings focus on members sharing work, projects, giving one another perspective on each other’s images, sharing ideas, techniques, photo-books, and what ever else helps us advance as street photographers. This is not a photo walk group. We may occasionally do a photo walk but this group is focused more on discussing our photography and the photography of others.”

Taken from the masthead of the collective’s website, the NYC-SPC is a diverse group of individuals all capturing their own versions of New York, from the top of the Bronx to the bottom of Brooklyn. Founded by Jorge Garcia, the purpose of the group is to push both community in photography as well as fostering a place of trustful, honest building of work through critique.

The collective meets at the Lomography NYC Space once a month to showcase selected members’ recent portfolios, talk about new projects/plans/ideas, create strategies for elevating individual’s works, and catch up socially.

NYC can be an isolating place if one doesn’t plant their creative roots into community, and becoming a part of a collective is one of the best routes to facilitating that. You can take a look at some more of their work here, and Be sure to follow them on instagram!

All images taken from the Collective’s members via their website.

2016-09-26 #news #street-photography #new-york-city #photographer-collective

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