Lomopedia: The Diana Clones

As Lomographers, we’re drawn in by saturated photos, vignetting, outrageous color shifts and other sweet in-camera effects. A lot of those things have to do with the equipment we use and when it comes to analogue appeal, the Diana camera is one of the big names in the division.

Diana F

No one can deny the Diana its superstar status. From the way it was designed to its almost unassuming but totally effective marketing, the Diana was and still is a camera worth shooting and having. But with all the fame and applause comes imitation. Other companies noticed the popularity of the original Diana and decided to create their own versions. They’re called clones or copies and they came in all sorts of colors, packaging, and even a few features of their own.


These clones didn’t only make the Diana more popular; they cemented the Diana camera’s status as one of the most iconic toy cameras of all time. Go to any film photography group forum or a film camera shop and you’re sure to hear about it or even see one in the flesh. Thanks to the particularly lax copyright laws of the time and the admiration of other manufacturers, there’s still a lot of these Diana clones in the market. There’s an estimated 66 versions of the Diana camera since it was introduced in the 1960s.


Diana Technical Specifications:

Lens: one element non-coated plastic lens
Aperture: f4.5, f8, f11
Focus: zone focusing
Focusing range: 4 to 6ft, 6 to 12ft, 12ft to infinity
Shutter: 1/100 s, bulb
Material: plastic
Flash: hotshoe for some clones, none for others
Film: 120 film

Sinomax, Stellar and other Diana clones

Of course, who can forget the updated Diana F+? Spruced up and ready for any shoot with multiple accessories and design options.

The Diana F+

The Lomography Society pays tribute to the classic Diana camera with the showcase of the Detrich Collection. It’s a massive collection of original Diana cameras and its other counterparts and was put on a world tour that spanned different countries.

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