Revisiting the Diana F+ World Tour

In 2007, Lomography introduced the Diana F+ -- a loving homage to the iconic 1960's medium-format camera that is prized for its beautiful, soft photos. A milestone that is certainly worth celebrating, so in the following year the Diana World Tour was launched.

The Diana F+ made its stops in Toronto, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Lisbon, Riga, Seoul, Berlin, New York City, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Milan, Austin, and San Francisco. Each had their own parties, workshops, activities, contests, and exhibits. And the cherry on top? The Detrich Collection , a massive stash of various Diana editions amassed by photographer Allan Detrich and acquired by Lomography in 2007.

Take a look back into the whirlwind of fun that is the Diana World Tour.

Customized Diana F+ Cameras

Different artists were invited to give the classic Diana F+ camera a makeover. From simple customizations to outrageous designs, the Diana F+ sported splashes of paint, tufts of hair, googly eyes, and all sorts of knick-knacks.

Customized Diana F+ cameras by Jason Nip, Genevieve Simms, Edmund Lam, The World Famous Comedy Store, The Viper Room, Craig Seeley, Natalia Yanchack, Menno Krant, and Tara Scarcello.

Diana F+ Exhibits

Aside from the massive Detrich Collection , an impressive selection of photographs taken with the Diana F+ cameras was showcased. We also announced the winners of the Diana Vignettes (an international photo and short story contest).

The world-famous Detrich Collection of 100+ vintage Diana cameras from the 1960s and 1970s.

Diana F+ Workshops & Activities

To show how versatile the Diana F+ camera is, Lomography stores from all over the world organized workshops to teach different tips, techniques, and modifications. In some stores, guests were encouraged to design their own Diana F+ cameras on paper.

DWT in Riva, Tokyo, Austin, Los Angeles, Seoul, and San Francisco

Diana F+ Day and Night Tours & Parties

Lomographers sure know how to party, wherever in the world they may be! In Seoul and New York, they celebrated with huge cakes in the shape of a Diana camera; in Tokyo, the opening party was spent aboard a Yakatabune (boat) and enjoying traditional Japanese food. In Austin, special sweets in commemorative wrappers were given away.

Some stores, like Madrid, had a double-decker bus roaming around the city. After an in-store party, Lomographers hopped on board and enjoyed sangria while taking photos with their Diana F+ cameras. Oooh, so much fun, huh?

Diana World Tour in Madrid, in a double-decker bus!

Our beloved dreamy medium-format camera is celebrating its birthday. So why not take out your Diana F+ and start shooting some beautiful lo-fi squares? If you don't have one, you can get yours from our >shop F+!

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