Maya Kibbel: Reinventing the Norms of Harajuku Fashion Photography

Dictators of trends continue to impose the rigid rules of style and fashion -- a tried-&-tested monotonous play of sophistication. Meanwhile, the other side of the fashion world encourages you to let loose as 'cute' and 'sexy' meet in the middle with Japanese-American photographer Maya Kibbel.

© Maya Kibbel

The Japanese aesthetic "kawaii" or "cute" should not be undermined as an artistic influence. The playful aesthetic principle polarizes the standards of Western fashion and art. If sophisticated, sexy maturity is celebrated among majority Western artists and trendsetters, Japanese trendsetters rejoice in the youthful, bouyant jest of being childish and childlike.

Maya, born as half-American and half-Japanese, merges the both aesthetics through her photography.

© Maya Kibbel

Edgy but playful, her fashion oeuvre are taken mostly in analogue form. She often uses Lomo'Instants for test shots, burns celluloid film for her main work; but to Maya, good music, good company and positive energy are her driving forces.

AS for her photographic arsenal, Maya continues to keep it a secret from everyone else.

© Maya Kibbel

When not behind the lens though, one will find Maya in a director's chair, managing her own photo shoots, trying her hands on wood printing or peeking through a book.

© Maya Kibbel

Hold up and wait for our exclusive interview with Maya soon! In the meantime, visit her Instagram, website or Tumblr for the latest updates of her works. All images used are with permission from Maya Kibbel.

written by Ciel Hernandez on 2016-09-23 #people #fashion-photography #film-photography #japanese-fashion #maya-kibbel

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