From a Distance: Art of the Long-Shot

Some scenes are seen with beauty and mystery from afar; distance allows us to yearn and continue our interest, and that's what long-shot photography is all about. Sometimes shrouded with mystery, this style allows one to train his composition and visualization skills.

Here are some ideas for you to pick up, courtesy of our talented community members.

From nowhere to somewhere

Credits: bccbarbosa, ohlordy, moodification & pomps

Give them some space

Credits: grazie, zorki, satomi, moodification & clickiemcpete

Omniscient views

Credits: hodachrome, dreamseller, schugger & zorki

Open air

Credits: lorrainehealy, alienmeatsack, fisheyemary, pomps & cocaneonkamerasutra

Room to breathe

Credits: frenchyfyl, grinningcat & adi_totp

2016-09-24 #culture #perspective #analogue-photography #composition #film-photography #angling #long-shot #creative-photography

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