Maya Beano: What's In Your Bag?

While most traveling shooters pack lightly, photographer Maya Beano prefers to be always ready. Her remarkable experience in floating on the Dead Sea wrapped up spectacularly thanks to her anticipation of capturing every moment within life and beauty.

With the permission to take a look into her backpack, Maya tours us with her daily gear.

Hi Maya! That's some solid arsenal you've got here. Let us ask first about your cameras. Where do you use your Canon and Leicaflex?

The Canon A-1 is my go-to camera for multiple exposure photography, whereas the Leicaflex is useful for pretty much everything else. Although a bit heavy, it’s such a sturdy camera, and you just can’t go wrong with that kind of build. I also have a Canon AE-1 which is actually very similar to the Canon A-1 minus the in-built multiple exposure functionality. I go on walks and hikes with at least two of the above in my bag. They’ve been to some seriously cold places in the world and survived it.

And you also bring with you quite a lot of lens. Tell us more about them and when do you use each.

The choice of lens is more important to me than which camera I’m shooting with! My current favourites are the phenomenal Leica Summicron lenses, 35mm and 50mm. I shoot with these when I’m looking for exceptionally high quality images. They are as sturdy and heavy as the camera too. Another lens I can’t do without is the Canon 28mm which is perfect for landscapes.

You also carry with you quite a variety of films. When do you use each film? Is the Portra 400 your favorite film for travel photography?

I’m a huge fan of Kodak Portra. The first one I tried was Portra 400, but I’ve recently also been shooting with Portra 160, and I love them both. I’ve got a big film box at home which I rummage through before travelling. I usually pick up a couple of handfuls of film to add to my bag. Revolog 460 is also top on my list of favourites. Which film I use depends mainly on the lighting.

Your tan backpack seems versatile for your traveling. Apart from being handy and sturdy enough to carry your gear, what else do you love about the bag?

The cute circle in the middle!

Which band/artist are you currently listening to?

Oooh - tough question. I’m always into so many different ones. My phone tells me that the last thing I listened to was Tomorrow’s Song by Ólafur Arnalds.

Images are with permission from Maya Beano. For more of Maya’s works, visit her website, Instagram and Flickr.

2016-09-16 #people

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