Recycling Memories: Surreal Collages by Weronika Gęsicka

2016-08-27 4

What can be done with old printed photographs which no longer serve fascination in the digital age? Polish artist Weronika Gęsicka re-imagines these vintage prints in to new images and frames of passed time and emphasizes the importance of print in the matter of memory.

The Włocławek-born photographer and visual artist has long been studying the mechanics of time and memory through art, but with the acquaintance of scientific and pseudoscientific theories.

A graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and the Academy of Photography, her pursuits resulted to the creation of “Traces”.

Weronika’s “Traces” is a collection of reinterpreted and reassembled photographs taken from image banks, Internet and police archives.

Glossed with a vintage magazine look-and-feel, the series addresses the importance of the fading photographic print in preserving memory despite the advent of the digital age.

The photographs are composed in lieu with subtle surrealism; it is easy to bypass the little, off-beat details intently present on her work, but a careful gander reveals a haunting image of nostalgia and loss of the photographic print.

Watch out for interview with Weronika on Lomography Magazine soon. In the meantime, visit her website for more of her work. Images used are with permission from Weronika Gęsicka.

written by Ciel Hernandez on 2016-08-27 #people #photo-manipulation #vintage-photography #weronika-gesicka #photo-collages

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  2. gueaut
    gueaut ·

    Very curious. I've actually been thinking of parodying some iconic shots but with a more modern twist.

  3. pan_dre
    pan_dre ·

    @gueaut Can you show us?

  4. gueaut
    gueaut ·

    @pan_dre When I get them done, sure.

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