Revisiting Vintage New York with Berenice Abbott


Legendary American photographer Berenice Abbott‘s journey to photography in Europe led her to become an acquaintance among great photographers such as Man Ray, Eugène Atget and André Kertész. Highly influenced with Atget’s street style, Abbott created her own, which would soon become the famed “Changing New York” series.

Now, Lomography exhibits Abbott’s genius and delicacy in urban photography through her visual study of the New York City.

A collective portraiture of New Yorkers

Hester Street, between Allen and Orchard Streets, Manhattan; Hot dog stand, North Moore Street, Manhattan (1936); Tempo of the City: I. Fifth Avenue and 44th Street, Manhattan; Automat, 977 Eighth Avenue, Manhattan; Photograph of Ninth Avenue El Station by Berenice Abbott (1898-1991); Sheffield Farms milk wagon on Grove Street, Greenwich Village, New York City by Berenice Abbott from Wikimedia Commons

The many streets of Big Apple

Looking south at Greyhound Bus Terminal, 33rd and 34th Streets between Seventh and Eighth Avenues, Manhattan; Pike Street at Henry Street (1936); Encampment of the unemployed, New York City, 1935; : Charles Lane, between West and Washington Streets, Manhattan; East 20th Street between 2nd Avenue and 1st Avenue, looking east towards 1st Avenue, in Manhattan, New York City in 1938 by Berenice Abbott from Wikimedia Commons

Vintage shops & establishments

A & P (Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.), 246 Third Avenue, Manhattan; Lyric Theatre, Third Avenue between 12th and 13th street, Manhattan.. Abbott, Berenice; Hardware store on the Bowery in Manhattan (1938); Blossom Restaurant; 103 Bowery. Oct. 3, 1935; Radio Row at Cortlandt Street (1936) by Berenice Abbott from Wikimedia Commons

From the bird’s eye view

Financial District rooftops (1938); Seventh Avenue looking south from 35th Street, Manhattan; Wall Street, from roof of Irving Trust Co. Building, Manhattan; Rockefeller Center, from 444 Madison Avenue, Manhattan; Herald Square, 34th and Broadway, Manhattan by Berenice Abbott from Wikimedia Commons

Gotham’s architecture

Flatiron Building; Details of the Manhattan Bridge; Photograph of Abraham De Peyster statue (then located in Bowling Green); Looking up at statue of Lafayette from behind and left, S. Klein’s store, a bank, a hotel and the Consolidated Edison Building, beyond; Construction old and new, from Washington Street #37, Manhattan; Grand Opera House, northwest corner of Eighth Avenue and 23rd Street, New York, N. Y. by Berenice Abbott from Wikimedia Commons

All images used are from the public domain

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    Vintage and Urban!

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