LomoMission: The Sea is Calling Winners


Instead of capturing sunny smiles and sprightly summer colors, the last LomoMission challenged the community to capture the nostalgic and melancholic side of the sea. To aid us in determining the most standout submissions, we invited LomoGuru and longtime lomographer @tracyvmoore to be our guest judge. Before we jump to his excellent choices, here’s what he has to say about the LomoMission:

“I loved this mission. Missions like this are the perfect venue to tell our stories through lomographs. Each of these photos spoke to me and evoke ideas and emotions within me.”

Grand Prize Winner:

Credits: jmcedo

Tracyvmoore says: This photo is hauntingly beautiful. Both the person and the boat seem to be hearing the call of the sea so vividly that they are painfully making their way across a vast expanse just to get to it. I LOVE this shot!

Lomographer @jmcedo will take home a Lomo'Instant San Sebastian.


Credits: nickt

Tracyvmoore says: A beautiful shot that conveys a longing for the sea. The strong emotion can be felt even though there is no human in this shot—only lonely boats trying to heed the call of the sea.

Credits: lausuetyinyin

Tracyvmoore says: I love double exposures and this one captures a beautiful girl listening to the strong call of the sea pulsing right through her.

Credits: amandakresten

Tracyvmoore says: This shot shows that even when the sea looks explicitly dangerous, it still calls to our deep primal desire.

Credits: dudizm

Tracyvmoore says: This shot shows how beautiful the sea is like a path to pure magic.

Credits: igotthechop

Tracyvmoore says: The sea is so beautiful in this shot that it seems to be located on a strange planet, calling us to explore it.

The runners-up will get 15 piggies each.

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone who submitted their wanderlust-inducing photographs! Also, a big shoutout to lomographer @tracyvmoore for being our guest judge!

Drop by the newly revamped Competitions section where you can score exciting prizes (like vouchers for the Lomography online shop!) and a chance to be one of the finalists of the Ten And One - Annual Lomography Photo Awards.

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  1. icequeenubia
    icequeenubia ·

    Congratulations @jmcedo, @nickt, @lausuetyinyin, @amandakresten, @dudizm, and @igotthechop! And thank you @tracyvmoore for being our guest judge!

  2. jmcedo
    jmcedo ·

    Wow!. Thank you very much!!!. Thanks @tracyvmoore and Lomography and the other winners!!.

  3. pan_dre
    pan_dre ·

    Great Photos @jmcedo, @nickt, @lausuetyinyin, @amandakresten, @dudizm, and @igotthechop! See you on the next mission!!

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