Ta Cu Buddha


The statue of Buddha on Nirvana of Ta Cu is longest Buddha statue in Vietnam.

The statue was built in 1963 to 1966 completed on buddism adherents’ givings. It’s located in Linh Sơn Trường Thọ pagoda, Tà Cú mountain, in 38 km south-west from Phan Thiết by road №1 (43km from Mũi Né).

At the bottom of a mountain a trolley car will bring you to the lower station of cable-railway. A cable car will rise you to the mountain on high 470 meters above sea level, the duration of air trip is about 7 minutes. The cable way crosses a mountain pass. A lot of positive emotions for everyone who likes to ride on funicular or have never done it.

Then from the top station you should go by the uphill road of 1000 stairs. On the way you will see solemn graves of talapoins, a small cave with cell, various sculptures of Buddha and Buddhist saints.

Then you get to the viewing point from which a fantastic view is opened – lakes, rice fields, the sea… There is Son Truong Tho pagoda with some beautiful statues. It was built in 1831 during the Nguyễn Dynasty. This place has extraordinary good power and people from every corner of the world come there to find balance of mind and harmony. It has become an important pilgrimage centre for buddhists, who stay overnight in the pagoda’s dormi­tory. Foreigners can’t do this without po­lice permission, but it is very difficult to receive it. With luck you can see a religious ceremony proceeding at the viewing point.

Finally in the shade of tropic trees you will find Laying Buddha. Size and whiteness of the statue are amazing! It’s long 49m according to 49 steps to the self-cognition and 11m high wich symbolize 11 stages of buddhism. A person is about 3 Buddha’s toes height :) The statue wasn’t brought there, but it was built of a white stone block.

Nearby people are having picnics, some people are praying hard, kids are playing and trying to climb on the statue, tourist are making photos, sound of voices is in the air all the time, the wind rustles the leaves… But Buddha’s face is absolutely calm. It makes a greatest impression!

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    Beautiful shots and an amazing location!!

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    Remarkable pictures and review!

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