Nikola & Tamara: What's In Your Bag?


This time two lovely photographers from Belgrade opened their camera bag for us and let us into their world. They work together and always have each other’s backs, even when they have to carry lots of equipment. They revealed to us which camera they used more often and how hard (or easy) was to pack everything in one bag, especially when you share it with your beloved one.

Hey guys, nice to be chatting with you again. This time you gave us the chance to peek into your camera bag. Do you always carry the same equipment with you when going to photo shoots and various locations?

Hi! What we put in bag depends of what we shoot. If we shoot just food, its just two digital cameras and lenses. If we are adding a portrait of a chef then we pack Mamiya too.

Since you work together, how hard is it for you to pack everything in one bag?

We use Burton Resolution 30L pack. For now it’s OK. Our main problem is airport, because this is hand/carry on luggage and with full packed equipment weights 14.4kg...We have to buy one more bag to split weight. Probably Burtom Zoom 26L pack.

You got two Canon cameras and the Mamiya RZ67 camera. Which one do you use more often when working?

We use digital cameras for food and interior shots. RZ is for portraits most of the time.

You have a really nice “Zippo” lighter and cigarillos in your possession. Where did you get them? How did they end up in your bag?

I've got this lighter for a 2008 New Year present from Tamara. I like to light up a one after a good shooting.

You have your computer and your journal with you. For which purpose do you use them most frequently?

We use computer when we shoot Tethered or when we have space to do that. When we shoot in some tight narrow kitchen you cant put computer and cable by hot pots and pans.. Journal is for meetings, we have to write everything because sometimes client forgets what he mentioned on meeting. Then we write all via email and send it to client to confirm.

You use Kodak professional T-max films. Are these your favorite ones?

Fuji Acros 100 and Ilford Delta 100 are top two, if we don’t have them, Kodak Tmax 100 is fine. For lower light we like to use Kodak Tri-X 400 and Ilford HP5+ 400. For color Kodak Portra 160 and 400.

We couldn’t help noticing you’ve brought along two memory cards and two perfumes. Would you say that all good things come in pairs? Have you ever experienced “memory full” type of situations on your photo shoots?

We love perfumes and we are buying them on a monthly base. “Full memory”- no. We have experience with film, so we are not wasting “memory” too.

Do you always have your camera cleaning kit in your bag? How often do you clean your cameras and lenses?

Yes, always. When we shoot some close up shots of pans or open Josper grill there is a lot of grease, hot oil and heat so we have to clean UV filters non stop.

And we have to ask, if you are to pick one of these things to take with you, what would it be?

Mamiya RZ67.

Thanks Nikola & Tamara! Learn more about these talented photographers through our interview or check out their website.

written by Ivana Džamić on 2016-08-15 #people #photographers #wiyb #what-s-in-your-bag

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