Moments of Isolation: Things That Stand Alone


Sometimes, all a good photograph needs is simplicity. When the subject stands alone, it emits a feeling of loneliness and aura of independence. Here are community photographs of objects and subjects, isolated from the world.

Of one’s own company

Credits: disdis, betterthanelvis, vicuna & olivier_g

National identity Standing out

Credits: grunrader, evilpete, needle76, neanderthalis & walasiteodito

In the middle of nowhere

Credits: olivier_g, cwcapella, vicuna, swordsplay, mczoum & klapklapklap


Credits: maelstrom, sirio174, -vali-, bloomchen & streuobst

Solo flights

Credits: betterthanelvis, werriston, jeffr, wil6ka, lazybuddha & pinkbutterfly

2016-08-07 #culture #negative-space #film-photography #art-photography #creative-photography

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