Ghost Town


A small community of Villas for the Air Force Base, swept empty because of exposure to asbestos in the construction of the homes, now better known as Ghost Town.

So me and my lomo friend don_giovanni were thinking of places we could go to shoot our favorite lomo cameras, and he suggested a spot where he used to play paint ball with all of his buddies. He said it was a place called ‘Ghost Town’ and I was immediately intrigued, as I had heard about it before but had never actually been to the spot. So we got our gear ready and set out for adventure!

Upon arrival on the spot, we noticed all of the possible entrances were blocked, so we had to snoop around and find a broken fence that we could jump over. Once inside, we began seeing all of the abandoned houses covered in graffiti, broken stairs, invisible windows, huge trees broken on the ground from the root, large bones of deceased animals, dead vegetation, but some live one as well… we even saw vegetation growing out of cow excrement on the floor!

We got on the ground, shot from floor, shot from the hip, shot from above our heads, and everywhere else, making sure we captured all of the spookiness that Ghost Town portrays. But after we had covered the perimeter, we got a little hypochondriac, because as it turns out, the village had been emptied out due to residents being diagnosed with cancer, caused by the asbestos that was used in the construction of the houses. So we packed and headed out.

As spooky and dangerous as it may be, it is definitely a spot to be visited by all you adventure seeker lomographers!

written by reneg88 on 2010-06-14 #places #location #ghost #puerto-rico #supersampler #velvia #holga #fisheye #lc-a #aguadilla


  1. don_giovanni
    don_giovanni ·

    Jumping the fence proved quite a challenge for some of us... XD

  2. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    great adventure! :)

  3. leela_dark
    leela_dark ·

    wicked location! some really cool shots!

  4. middernachtlopper
    middernachtlopper ·

    I love the three-colours shoots! :)

  5. npyskater
    npyskater ·

    These shots are great! I wasn't able to actually get in to the place so all of my shots are from the outside. :(

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